ATV Accessories You'll Need
If you have an ATV, and love pimping your ride, you may be surprised to find how many ATV accessories are available on today's market.

Customizing your ATV not only makes the machine more appealing, it can also make it easier to use.  If you have a basic mechanical inclination and a little skill, you can easily update an ATV by yourself.  You can purchase all of the parts and accessories you need at supply warehouses, or through online distributors.  Check out our own store for discount ATV accessories!  Just be sure that you choose ATV accessories that offer function as well as great looks.  Protecting your machine against damage is more important than looking sharp on the trails.

Before you set out to upgrade your ATV, consider all of the parts that are available:


There are many different types of ATV tires, each designed to optimize your specific riding conditions.  If you ride your ATV in muddy conditions, such as on a farm, then you should fit your machine with specialized ATV mud tires. These tires are created to prevent your ATV from getting stuck in the mud, and also provide flotation when you need it.  If you stick to the trails, choose durable trail tires that are manufactured to withstand punctures from sharp rocks.  Those who race their ATVs on sandy dunes should buy paddle tires, with specialized treads to allow fast movement and easy maneuvering through sand and light gravel.  Determine where you will be riding your ATV, and purchase specialized tires accordingly.  Ask for professional advice if you're not sure which tires to buy.


While not particularly glamorous ATV accessories, winches are invaluable companions to any off-roader.  A sturdy winch is an absolute must for ramping your ATV, and it will also come in handy on the trails.  Anything can happen when you're riding with nature, and you never know if you'll have to winch your ATV out of a mucky bog or up a steep slope.  An ATV winch is also a handy tool to have when moving heavy cargo on a farm or ranch.

Skid Plates

These are protective add-ons that you just can't do without.  Your ATV is not invincible, and needs to be protected.  Over particularly rough terrain, your ATV may not survive if the radiator gets banged up or the chassis becomes damaged.  ATV skid plates protect the underside of your machine, and lessen the chances of you becoming stranded in an isolated area.

Lift Kits

A spare ATV lift kit is always a good thing to have on hand.  Extra ground clearance may not seem like a big deal, but if you're in a situation where that extra two-inch lift makes all the difference, you'll be thankful that you've got that extra lift kit in the trunk.  Lift kits not only provide additional ground clearance, they optimize the workload and overall performance.  Those who use their ATVs to haul loads of cargo can substantially improve the machine's payload by installing a lift kit.

Utility Trailers

For people who use ATVs for farm or utility work, these are often the first ATV accessories purchased.  Utility trailers are required equipment for hauling heavy cargo.  Loading heavy objects on to your machine can be too much for it to bear, so invest in a good quality ATV wagon trailer and let it to the heavy work.  You can actually extend your ATV's life, and you'll save money in the long run by avoiding having to replace worn and broken ATV parts.

Customizing your ATV can make it look good, run better, and last longer.  A well-tuned machine will also spew fewer emissions that contribute to global warming into the air.  So keep your ATV tuned up, and run it using the lowest emission-causing fuel the manufacturer allows. Check your local dealer or browse online to see the full selection of ATV accessories that is available.