Dog Bath Accessories for Safety and Convenience
Perhaps one of the most comical scenes is that of a hapless pet owner trying to bathe a dog.  The sudsy, slippery beast darts from the tub, tears through the house and when you finally catch up to him, he shakes every last bit of soap and water from his fur, and leaves it all over you.

No one can deny the love that we have for our pets.  And still, few will admit that we look forward to doggie bath time.  There is no simple solution to making a dog truly enjoy a quiet and leisurely bath, but dog bath accessories can help to make the ordeal a little easier.   The right accessories are functional, and may even make the time you share together almost seem fun.

It's probably not possible to convince you that you (or your pet) will ever look forward to bath time.  There are, however, many benefits of these dog bath accessories that can virtually wipe away the frustrations you face while bathing your dog.  Remember, your dog is your best friend, and deserves the best, most luxurious treatment.  You can't deny that.

*  Booster Bath:  When bathing your dog inside your home, it is best to have a Booster Bath.  This device makes it easy for your dog to get in and out of the tub.  You don't have to cuddle your dog, so you'll be a little drier after the bath.  The Booster Bath features an easy access caddy for shampoo, conditioner, and brush, so you don't have to purchase extra dispensers for these supplies.  The Booster Bath can also be used outdoors.

*  Sprayer:  If you prefer to bathe your dog outdoors, a sprayer is indispensable.  While special spraying hoses and nozzles are available commercially, a plain old garden hose works just as well.

*  Bath mat:  Many dogs go a little loopy when getting in and out of the water, so you may want to protect the floor surface with a good quality mat.  Use a rubber mat inside the bathtub as well.  Choose a rubber mat with holes for drainage, and suction cups to hold the mat firmly in place.  This will not only protect the finish of your tub, but also prevent claws chipping and breaking.

 *  Bathing Tether:  If your dog hates the bath and just won't be still during the process, you may want to invest in a bathing tether.  This device really benefits both of you, as it makes bath time easier for you, and safer for your pet.  Bathing tethers are attached with suction cups attached to opposite ends of the tub, connected to your dog's collar. A bathing tether will hold your dog comfortably in place, while you have both hands free to get the job done quicker and with less stress on both of you.

*  Bath Mitt:  Depending on the breed of your dog, you may want to invest in a special mitt.  These dog bath accessories help to produce rich shampoo lather, while massaging you pet's whole body.  Excess hair and dry skin are removed, leaving your pet's coat shinier and healthier.  If your pet suffers with fleas and ticks, the mitt can help you to combat the problem.  Another bonus:  bathing mitts keep your hands dry and soap-free.

*  Towel:  Don't forget to treat your pet to a luxurious towel. Choose one that's made with super-absorbent material to help speed up the drying time.  Towels made with ultra-fine micro fibers draw water away from your pet's coat, minimizing chills and allowing hair to dry faster.  Be sure that the towel you choose is durable and machine washable.

*  Other Dog Bath Accessories:  Toothbrushes are important, as are basic grooming supplies like combs and brushes.  Some people purchase doggie toothbrush holders, tissue boxes, wastebaskets, shower curtains, and even designate a special bathroom just for the pooch.

Of course, it's easy to get carried away and buy the things that neither you, nor your dog, really need.  Shop wisely and you'll find inexpensive and effective ways to make bath time a little bit drier for you, and easier for your pet.