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Lowe's Backyard Playground Sets PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Image Lowe's is an excellent first place to look for anyone who is looking for the best swing sets on the market today. The right swing set can be a great investment for any family for many reasons. For any outdoor building project, Lowe's is a very reliable and dependable home improvement store. Lowe's has several different types of swing sets every child will enjoy and love! These swing sets are incredibly durable and will provide fun for all ages.

Discovery Kit

Quick and easy to build, this kit is a basic swing set kit. It can be assembled in one of three different styles, two with slides and one without. These kits are quick and easy to build, and with a price low enough anyone can have a great swing set for their kids.

Grand View Kit

Like the Discovery, this kit includes three styles of swing sets, but the Grandview always includes a slide and adds a great playhouse. In fact, two of these styles include two slides rather than merely one. These swing set kits are great for any family. While it takes longer to assemble than the Discovery kit, it's still quite easy to put together. With the additional parts comes more fun!

Euro Castle Kit

This is a fantastic swing set that is designed to look like a castle. A bit more expensive than the previous kits, kids absolutely love this sets making it well worth the extra cost. It comes with a fun playhouse, slides#everything a kid could want. With these extra features the set will hold the interest of children longer.

Extra Duty Majestic Kit

The most expensive of this group of swing set kits, this kit has everything! Top of the line in every way, this is the best swing set any child could want. This kit is perfect for a growing child, meaning it will be used for many years to come. With something for every age, it is a great investment for any family.

All of Lowe's swing sets are of the highest quality and ideal for every family.
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